North Park Activities Center and North Park 

6th Ave N and N 19th

With friends and partners we are building the kind of event that we would love to attend ourselves. Traditional vendors, costumers, photographers, tattoo/ henna, make up artists, face /body paint, bands /musicians , collectors, armory/prop builders, models ,dancers, presenters, there is a place for you here.1-512--943-7620

August 2015, Bigger than ever, not staying still until then . We have events monthly and are working toward improving on our successful Mini-con.

5/19/15 NEW!! 
This is SO exciting. We have 2 kinds of lego contests this year at MCFC ! One is a speed build contest . Have the fastest time on building a set correctly - WIN THAT LEGO SET AT THE END OF THE DAY !! Two is creativity build- issued legos and a time limit make your build for a chance to win LEGOS !! Invite and share.
5/20/15 NEW !!
Our Adult Weekend Passes are IN !! This is an all access pass to everything we are doing at MCFC. Bonus, this is 16 gauge steel in a stylish design, labeled as YOU want it, with a serial # on the back to ensure authenticity. Held in place on your costume or shirt with an earth magnet, this is an amazing and reusable  con-lectable you will enjoy for years to come. ONLY available online and with the ADULT pass.

Get tickets to Magic City Fantasy Con
$12 / day  for attendees 16 and older 

$7 day for children 7 to 15

August  21, 22 ,23  2015

Tickets can be purchased at Gabriel's Toys, 813 16th Street West, or online at

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